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Over 200,000 visitors eager to buy.

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The newly expanded KI Convention Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin now has 80,000 square feet of saleable space, hosting more than 200,000 event attendees and visitors annually. Enthusiastic visitors to downtown Green Bay are eager to experience what local businesses have to offer.

Get your name, products and services right in front of this captive audience by advertising on highly visible, dynamic digital screens throughout the KI Convention Center. This expansive Digital Signage Network includes registration stations, wayfinding kiosks, video walls, and meeting room signs, providing broad reach and flexibility. The high definition digital screens put your business offerings into brilliant focus with the power to inform and influence business leaders and thousands of convention participants.

The City of Green Bay and Cineviz, a nationally recognized leader in digital signage and event experiences, have partnered to deliver this unique opportunity to help our local businesses grow. And, at the same time, provide memorable experiences for visitors to our city.

Advertising / Locations

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Brand Recognition

  • Reach convention patrons and audiences in downtown Green Bay.
  • Increase brand awareness of your products and services.
  • 360º Marketing

  • Rapidly engage and communicate information on a broad scale.
  • More cost-effective compared to printed signage.
  • Exposure Analysis

  • Average meetings, trade shows, events per year: 400
  • Estimated attendees per year: 200,000+
  • Hundreds of brand impressions a day
  • Promote event activity and drive traffic
  • Display Options

    Our digital advertising network utilizes large format displays in high-traffic locations throughout the KI Convention Center

  • (5) 55" Registration Stations
  • (5) 55" & (2) 70" Wayfinding Kiosks
  • (1) First Floor Video Wall
    (7' wide x 4' high)
  • (1) Second Floor Video Wall
    (10' wide x 6' high)
  • (29) Meeting Room Signs
  • Digital advertising increases customer brand awareness while generating positive return on investment. Maximize your exposure and attract new customers daily!

    Digital Signage / Network & Creative Services

  • All-new digital signage network gives event planners and businesses customizable signage to display advertisements
  • Advertisements include Static Ads, Dynamic Ads or Videos.
  • Ads play on a continuous loop, there is no audio playback. Various run times.
  • Use your own pre-existing digitial artwork or take advantage of graphic design services offered by Cineviz.
  • The KI Convention Center Digital Signage Network is operated and powered by Cineviz, providing your business or organization with everything from space reservations to a variety of creative services to make the most of your investment.